SYNOPSIS: Hannah has quite a bit on her plate nowadays. Her husband, Ivan, has returned from his tour of duty in Afghanistan with an I.E.D.- caused brain injury. The term "supporting our troops" seems to have a different meaning now that he's home. Ivan's noisy and unpredictable behavior on his own front porch irks Marilyn, president of the local Neighborhood Restoration Association (NRA), who insists Ivan be put in a "special place," in order to keep up the local morale. Recognizing the war on terror has to also be fought on the home front, Hannah and Ivan choose to reenter mainstream society and credit Marilyn for her bright idea.

CHARACTERS:  2 Women, 1 Man.

Winner: Judge's Award, Driftwood Players, 2010 Festival of Shorts
2011 Official Selection: Hollywood/Beverly Hills NAACP Theatre Festival